Lactation Services

Breast Is Best Lactation Services is a full service lactation practice. We provide prenatal breastfeeding classes, both in office and virtual classes. Our Momi-Baby Assessment home visit consultation is suggested in the first days after birth to help mommy and baby initiate exclusive breastfeeding. 

Additional Consultations:

Issues with Thrush, Plugged Ducts, Mastitis

Jaundice, Low, Slow Weight Gain. 


Pumping and Returning to Work / Working from home.

Starting Solids

Increasing your Milk Supply

Transitioning from the Bottle, Back to the Breast

"Let's continue to represent breastfeeding as the normal way to feed our newborns"

Prenatal Breastfeeding 101

Prenatal breastfeeding education is the important piece to a sustained, successful breastfeeding experience. Breast Is Best Lactation Services offers a comprehensive interactive prenatal breastfeeding 101 course.

Presentation Topics:

How Breastfeeding Works

Latch and Positioning

When to Feed Your Baby.

Getting Enough Milk

At the beginning of class, Dr. Mathew Schwed does a 20-minute talk on the importance of oral health.

The course is 2.5 hours. It is important that mom

and dad invite grandparents, siblings or anyone that supports your decision to breastfeed. Educating your support team is very important as well.

Couples should register during their 7th or 8th month of pregnancy.

Prenatal breastfeeding education is essential.

Momi-Baby Assessment

Every breastfeeding couplet should have an assessment that assures mom and baby that positioning and latch are correct and that mom understands when to pump her breasts as well as understanding that breastfeeding is never timed, always on demand. Sore Nipples are not tolerated!!!!

Phone Support Consultations

  • Pumping and returning to work

  • Low milk supply issues

  • Engorgement/Plugged ducts

  • Weaning my baby

  • Starting Solids


There may be additional issues that I may not have outlined. Please do not hesitate to call.

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"Human milk is a complex living substance that is key to good health and optimal development for human infants"